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    Full range of test benches for pressure relief valves


Valve test benches for testing Pressure Relief Devices as relief valves, safety valves, rupture discs etc. meeting international requirements per valve test standards as API 527,ASME PCT25 and National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) recommendations.

Relief Valve Test Bench Clamping Station.

The Ventil test benches are equipped with a hydraulic driven 3-claw clamping station with one operation lever to adjust the claws to the safety valve flange dimension.  All test stands have an interlock control that will not release the clamp force until internal test circuit pressure is released. Sealing of the valve is achieved using proven high quality o-ring gasket sealing plates. Threaded safety valves can be clamped using an adapter set.

Test Vessel / Accumulator.

There are many different opinions about minimum required test vessel size. Each Ventil relief test bench is however equipped with a minimum volume for pop testing. The Ventil high volume ‘FL’ models are meeting ASME NBIC, API RP 576 recommendations.  Ventil Test valve benches for PSV testing are available for both air / gas and liquid testing. Reliable Set Pressure levels in liquid service are achieved using air-over-liquid design.

Relief Valve Test Software (CRS)

The Ventil Computer Registration System (CRS) comes with a set of accurate pressure transducers, A/D conversion unit and in house developed PSV test software. The software will record all test results, API 527 seat leakage in bubble per minute, CDTP (Cold Differential Test Pressure), back pressure. The test software is completed with report generator function to design a customized certificate lay-out. This includes add texts, adapting the language and placing company logo and other details at the report.

Safety Measures

Whenever testing under high pressures, safety precautions are very important to guarantee absolute safety for the operator and the area surrounding the test bench. The test stand is completed with a fully surrounding safety closure. The orange colored beacon on top of the control panel is automatically activated when the test object is pressurized and deactivated when the test pressure is fully released. This warns the operator and personnel in the surrounding that the test object is under pressure and a test is ongoing.


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