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SBT Components – Metric

Similar to the imperial tensioner components, the Hi-Force metric spring return hydraulic bolt tensioners are also modular in design and can be adapted to another thread size, within the tensioner range, by purchasing individual components or a simple conversion kit. By changing the required components, Hi-Force SBT spring return bolt tensioners offer the user even greater versatility at an economical cost.

Tensioner models SBT3, SBT4 and SBT6 are available with two different bridge sizes, hence always check whether or not the required thread change is possible within the bridge size. DO NOT mix components and make sure that all components match up. A large bridge will require the usage of a long threaded puller to ensure sufficient thread engagement, as well as a large size nut rotating socket.

The table below provides all the information to select the components, comprising of short threaded adapter, load cell, small bridge, small nut rotating socket and tommy bar, to modify your existing tensioner to suit another bolt size. Changes are only possible within the same tensioner size. It is essential that all the components or selected conversion kits have the same suffix as the target tensioner size (i.e. B1, B2 or B3).

To change from SBT3-M42B1 to SBT3-M48B1 would require conversion kit CKS3-M48B1 only.
To change from SBT3-M48B1 to SBT3-M52B2 would require conversion kit CKS3-M52B2 and bridge STS3-B2.

  • Use with SBT Metric Spring Return Tensioners
  • Modular design
  • Offers greater versatility

Complete Tensioner Individual components D & E
Model No. Bolt Thread A Load cell B Tommy bar C Bridge D Threaded puller E Rotating socket Complete conversion kit
For tensioner range SBT2:
SBT2-M30B1 M30 SBT2-LC TTB08 STS2-B1 TPS2-M30B1 RS2-46B1 CKS2-M30B1
SBT2-M33B1 M33 SBT2-LC TTB08 STS2-B1 TPS2-M33B1 RS2-51B1 CKS2-M33B1
SBT2-M36B1 M36 SBT2-LC TTB08 STS2-B1 TPS2-M36B1 RS2-56B1 CKS2-M36B1
SBT2-M39B1 M39 SBT2-LC TTB08 STS2-B1 TPS2-M39B1 RS2-60B1 CKS2-M39B1
For tensioner range SBT3:
SBT3-M42B1 M42 SBT3-LC TTB10 STS3-B1 TPS3-M42B1 RS3-65B1 CKS3-M42B1
SBT3-M45B1 M45 SBT3-LC TTB10 STS3-B1 TPS3-M45B1 RS3-70B1 CKS3-M45B1
SBT3-M48B1 M48 SBT3-LC TTB10 STS3-B1 TPS3-M48B1 RS3-75B1 CKS3-M48B1
SBT3-M45B2 M45 SBT3-LC TTB10 STS3-B2 TPS3-M45B2 RS3-70B2 CKS3-M45B2
SBT3-M48B2 M48 SBT3-LC TTB10 STS3-B2 TPS3-M48B2 RS3-75B2 CKS3-M48B2
SBT3-M52B2 M52 SBT3-LC TTB10 STS3-B2 TPS3-M52B2 RS3-80B2 CKS3-M52B2
For tensioner range SBT4:
SBT4-M48B1 M48 SBT4-LC TTB10 STS4-B1 TPS4-M48B1 RS4-75B1 CKS4-M48B1
SBT4-M52B1 M52 SBT4-LC TTB10 STS4-B1 TPS4-M52B1 RS4-80B1 CKS4-M52B1
SBT4-M52B2 M52 SBT4-LC TTB10 STS4-B2 TPS4-M52B2 RS4-80B2 CKS4-M52B2
SBT4-M56B2 M56 SBT4-LC TTB10 STS4-B2 TPS4-M56B2 RS4-85B2 CKS4-M56B2
SBT4-M60B2 M60 SBT4-LC TTB10 STS4-B2 TPS4-M60B2 RS4-90B2 CKS4-M60B2
SBT4-M64B2 M64 SBT4-LC TTB10 STS4-B2 TPS4-M64B2 RS4-95B2 CKS4-M64B2
For tensioner range SBT5:
SBT5-M64B1 M64 SBT5-LC TTB14 STS5-B1 TPS5-M64B1 RS5-95B1 CKS5-M64B1
SBT5-M68B1 M68 SBT5-LC TTB14 STS5-B1 TPS5-M68B1 RS5-100B1 CKS5-M68B1
SBT5-M72B1 M72 SBT5-LC TTB14 STS5-B1 TPS5-M72B1 RS5-105B1 CKS5-M72B1
SBT5-M76B1 M76 SBT5-LC TTB14 STS5-B1 TPS5-M76B1 RS5-110B1 CKS5-M76B1
For tensioner range SBT6:
SBT6-M76B1 M76 SBT6-LC TTB14 STS6-B1 TPS6-M76B1 RS6-110B1 CKS6-M76B1
SBT6-M80B1 M80 SBT6-LC TTB14 STS6-B1 TPS6-M80B1 RS6-115B1 CKS6-M80B1
SBT6-M85B1 M85 SBT6-LC TTB14 STS6-B1 TPS6-M85B1 RS6-120B1 CKS6-M85B1
SBT6-M90B1 M90 SBT6-LC TTB14 STS6-B1 TPS6-M90B1 RS6-130B1 CKS6-M90B1
SBT6-M95B3 M95 SBT6-LC TTB14 STS6-B3 TPS6-M95B3 RS6-135B3 CKS6-M95B3
SBT6-M100B3 M100 SBT6-LC TTB14 STS6-B3 TPS6-M100B3 RS6-146B3 CKS6-M100B3

Note: Remember to check bridge compatibility for SBT3, SBT4 and SBT6 models when ordering components.

Note: Weight is for load cell and bridge only. Total weight of complete assembly depends on size of puller and nut rotating socket selected. Tommy bars are not included. Hi-Force recommends one tommy bar for every four tensioners.


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