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    Work shop container

Work shop container
40 ft or 20 ft High Cube overseas Containers equipped with:

  • Electric installation with tube light and power outlets 230 V and 400 V
  • Air Conditioning system for cooling and heating
  • Compressed air installation 7 bar/100 psi, with quick coupler outlets
  • Container thermal insulation of walls, back door and roof
  • on request additional doors and windows
  • Separate compartment with Ventilation system for Compressors,
  • dryer and storage tanks for compressed air

Specifications of valve test and machining equipment in the Containers:

  • Universal pressure test unit for Safety Relief valves and Shut off valves, unigrind type TS and TS – S with 30 t and 55 t clamping force Range ½”– 10″ or ½”– 16″
  • Gas test system up to 300 bar/4350 psi
  • Hydrostatic pressure test system up to 400 bar/5800 psi
  • Seat leakage test of PSV’s according to API 527
  • Test unit for Control valves for testing according to ANSI FCI 70-2, unigrind TSH-S with 18 or 30 t clamping force
  • Test units for Vacuum valves unigrind TM 600 and TM 900
  • Combined Pressure test units for valves on Customer request
  • Air compressor 7 bar/100 psi with air dryer and 200 litre storage tank
  • High pressure Air Compressor 300 bar with 80 liter storage tank, to supply the test medium GAS/Air
  • Pre-filling and filtering system with water reservoir for the test medium
  • Lifting equipment to lift the valves with chain block 500 kg, 1000 kg, on request electric or pneumatic operated chain hoist
  • Crane bridge with electric chain hoist max. capacity 2000 kg (optional)
  • Work bench with vice and drawers, additional storage cabinets and shelf
  • Portable Valve grinding and Lapping machines for Safety Relief valves, Globe valves, Control valves, Gate valves and Gate valve wedges, unigrind VENTA, KVS, SVS 1, SLIM and HTS
  • On request Stationary Grinding and Lapping machines Type STM 500 SV, ULM 400 or KSM 600
  • On request Portable Boring and Facing machines for Valves: unigrind MD 250, MD 1, FD 600, FD 1000

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