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A good and old customer, located in Ras-Laffan Qatar, contacted the Ventil Engineered Solutions team with the question how valves for Oxygen service need to be treated during overhaul and repair. Over the past years we have supplied a good number of ‘Clean’ test units and gained hands-on experience with the handling of these critical valves and the applicable standards, codes and guidelines.
It concerned the world’s largest GTL plant with a considerable Oxygen section and large variety of Shut-off, Safety and Control valves in the range ½ up to 16”. A large plant shut-down was approaching quickly, but a suitable and equipped O2 facility for valves was not found in the Gulf region. Shipping valves overseas would implicate a much long plant down time and this was not an option. With this, the customer dropped the challenge; build a ‘valve overhaul clean room facility’ in 8 weeks..!While the customer quickly contacted a building contractor for the 20×20 meter gas tight facility, the Ventil Engineered Solutions team studied the workload and designed an smart and efficient workflow for disassembly, repairing, cleaning, assembling, testing and packing of the valves.With one goal in mind – to have the facility up and running before the plant’s shut-down – the plan was made, and quickly put in motion. 8 weeks later, just in time, the unique package of machines and equipment was transported by air to Doha – Qatar.
Clean equipment, scope of supply: The 5 segment, air conditioned, gas tight and HEPA filtered facility is equipment with;
Valve disassembly area, with: ‘clean’ work stations, hand tools, band hoists and valve transport trolleys.
Cleaning area, with: large size ultrasonic cleaning station, small component (dual station) solvent – cleaning station and large size (dual station) solvent – demi water rinsing units.
Inspection area, with: cleanness detection and measuring tools and instrumentation.Clean valve assembly, with: assembly work stations, hand tools, band hoists, transport trolleys.
Blast-proof test area, with: control panel with Helium/Nitrogen test system, clamping system for Safety valves up to 10”, clamping system for Control and Shut-off valves up to 16”, cranes and Helium (fugitive emission) leak detection system.
Packing area, with: with crane and gas tight packing accessories.
Installation, commissioning and training Only days after arrival on-site, the O2 clean room was commissioned and the work started. Ventil Valve Academy trainers educated the staff and crew and supplied workflow manuals to ensure that all critical steps of the ‘cleaning and repair process’ where conscientiously followed and executed.
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