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The RKF roller skate kits are suitable for moving moderately heavy equipment such as transformers, generators, turbines and heavy machinery over short distances. The range comprises of 3 models available with capacities of up to 60 tonnes per skate and each set is supplied in a metal storage case. Designed with an endless hardened roller chain which revolves around the skate, at least 5 rollers remain in contact with the floor at any one time, ensuring smooth travel even over cracked concrete floors.
  • Capacities from 20 to 60 tonnes
  • Minimum turning circle 3 metres
  • Endless hardened roller chain

Model Number Cap. Per Set Tonnes Skates Qty: 4 Turntables Qty: 2 Levelling Plates Qty: 2 Link Bars Qty: 2 Handles Qty: 2 Weight kg
RKF20 20 RSN10 RTT10 RLP10 RLB00 RPH00 48
RKF30 30 RSN15 RTT15 RLP15 RLB00 RPH00 56
RKF60 60 RSN30 RTT30 RLP30 RLB00 RPH00 90
Model Number Dimensions in mm
Rollers Ø Total Height Turntable Ø Handle Length
RKF20 18 108 130 880
RKF30 24 117 130 880
RKF60 30 140 150 880

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